21st Century Dentistry

A smile is an extremely powerful thing. But unfortunately many people tend to hide their smile as the years go by because they are embarrassed about the state of their teeth. There is a great new article and podcast with Johannesburg dentist Dr. Sam Thandar, who speaks about the revolutionary changes within the field of […]

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The Best Toothbrushes

When it comes to your teeth, you should really spare no expense to ensure you are properly cleaning and maintaining your mouth. But with so many different brands and toothbrush styles, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for everyday people to find the proper toothbrush. I found a comprehensive article which breaks down some of […]

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History of Dentistry

The history of dentistry is actually a lot more interesting than you may think. Dentistry dates back much further than many people realize. There is a great interactive article on Dentistry IQ, which walks you through the past 700 years of dentistry and its evolution over time. As the field of dentistry continues to grow […]

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Dentists Give Back To Veterans

This past weekend, over 300 Aspen Dental practices around the country gave free dental work to veterans. A fellow Arkansas dentist by the name of Dr. Darryl Ragland was one of many dentists that participated in this heartwarming event and provided over 5 veterans free dental work throughout the day. This is the second year […]

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