Dentists Give Back To Veterans

030124-N-1328C-510 At sea aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) Jan. 24, 2003 -- Navy Dentist Lt. Benjamin Anderson (seated left) from Farmville, Va., and Dental Technician Lennard Henry from Ashland, Ky., perform a routine procedure on one of the shipÕs crew. Aircraft carriers have extensive dental and surgical facilities designed to support the entire carrier battle group.  Theodore Roosevelt is currently underway in the Caribbean Sea conducting training missions before deployment.   U.S. Navy photo by Chief PhotographerÕs Mate Eric A. Clement.  (RELEASED)This past weekend, over 300 Aspen Dental practices around the country gave free dental work to veterans.

A fellow Arkansas dentist by the name of Dr. Darryl Ragland was one of many dentists that participated in this heartwarming event and provided over 5 veterans free dental work throughout the day.

This is the second year that Aspen Dental has organized an event of this kind and the first year that Ragland was able to help out. Ragland was happy he was able to help out these veterans in such a significant way.

You can learn more about this event here.


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