Travelling on a budget: How I spent seven weeks in Europe on under £650

Great read! Everyone, get some inspiration for budget traveling.


In the run up to my travels, I heard a lot of people saying that it was something they wanted to do too, but they just didn’t have the money. I’d been working as much as I could for the four months prior to leaving and was curious to see how long I could make the £2000 I had managed to save last me.

First, I looked into package travels in exotic places like Thailand, but was disappointed to discover that what I had saved wouldn’t even cover three weeks, once I’d factored in flights and travel insurance. Next, I looked at volunteering, and was shocked to discover that dedicating time to help people or animals was surprisingly expensive. I liked the idea of spending my time off trying to make a difference, but emptying my entire savings to do something worthwhile for only a couple of months seemed a…

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