I dream of coffee 『Louisa Coffee 就是我的咖啡夢想』

Sailor Skye

I am a coffee addict…

In the movies, where there’s that scene when the protagonist — guy, girl — doesn’t really matter, pours themselves a cup of hot coffee and curls up in a window seat, pajama clad and notebook in hand. That’s the feeling that coffee gives me — security, comfort, romance, nostalgia…


And although occasionally I will hit up the Starbucks for a Ginger Bread latte, I’ve never been a huge fan …

On the regular, I like my coffee pretty basic: black with cream, no sugar. Starbucks Coffee just isn’t my fav for that. But there is a local cafe in my hometown called Au Couqlet which is one my absolute favorite places to study, hold meetings, eat, and hang with my friends and family.

I love when coffee grains float a little in the creamy milk chocolate colored liquid, and you can see little puddles of…

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