Getting the Best of the Book: Peru Edition

If you’re like me, and love to travel, you know that sometimes guidebooks can be a bit clunky. Sure, they may lead you to the hottest spots– but that feature is also their biggest problem. Guidebooks can fly off of the shelves, and guess what? Everyone who has a copy of that will be packing the same restaurants, venues, bars, and parks. Do a little digging though, and see what you can find off the grid. Matador Nights has an awesome alternative guide, full of gems that will help you beat the tourist rush in Peru and make the most of your visit.

Machu Pichu: Now, this is a must for your visit. But chances are, you’ll be scuttled into going along with a bus convoy. However, go the road less traveled, and walk the Inca Trail. They go one step further and suggest you run the trail if you can, about 40 minutes on a light jog. If you’re out of shape, or don’t mind running into crowds, you can easily walk it in 90 minutes.

Lake Titicaca: That’s Peru’s highest lake, and it’s understandably a bit cold. But you can still navigate those waters. So grab a boat, drop anchor, and take a tip. You won’t regret it.

Cordillera Blanca: This Mountain Range will really push you to the limit with the whole altitude thing. See just how far you can go, and get a guide to take you to the edge of a glacier.

Surfing: Chicama and Mancora are the hottest spots, but are teaming with surfers. Your best bet? Ask a few locals where  good alternative is.

Peruvian Hairless Dog: Technically not an attraction, but at least try to get a glimpse of these creatures.

Artifacts and Ruins: Matador nights is a proponent of seeing them all before they’re taken away to be placed in Museums. For example, many treasures of Greece and Egypt are now in cultural institutions of Western Europe and the United States. And once that happens, expatriation isn’t always a sure shot. So take a good look while you still can.

Thanks for reading. Check this out: It will really ignite your flame for adventure!


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